Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

Children dream of their futures. Some want to be astronauts, some firefighters, some veterinarians. But how many have a chance to really explore their dreams? We want our children to achieve the “American Dream”.

Entrepreneurship Education is a  continuous process for people of all ages that want to pursue opportunity and success.

Business Basics for Kids is an educational program that provides young entrepreneurs with an exciting and stimulating teaching experience for schools, parents, and caregivers to teach.  Each child that enrolls will have the personal and business skills with strategies for future success.

Teacher's Edition

Outlined specifically to teachers that educate students in an interactive group environment.

Home Edition

Parents, guardians, caregivers, or mentors will take a leadership role by educating and collaborating with their students.

Enrichment Programs

Series based program which allows a more flexible and customized approach to entrepreneurship education.

Your children's future is our top priority.

About us
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